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          SHIP REPAIR

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           While manufacturing ships, Sunrise Marine also provides ship repair and maintenance services. We are the authorized maintenance agent of VOLVO marine engines, TWIN DISO gearboxes and ARNESON surface propeller propulsion devices. We are also the authorized maintenance agent of Raymarine navigation equipment, ONAN generators, etc.. All the main accessories are supplied by the original factory, which can provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services for the above products. We are the only one company authorized by various manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta, providing one-stop all-round repair services for all ship users. 
               In recent years, we have become the designated unit for ship repairs of Guangdong Coast Guard, Guangzhou Police Department, Huangpu Customs, Guangzhou Customs, Nanning Customs, Foshan Police Department and other government departments, and undertaken the ship repair services of Jiangmen Customs, Gongbei Customs, Shenzhen Customs, Haikou Customs, Nanning Customs, Shenzhen Border Inspection, Shenzhen Border Defense, Dongguan Border Defense, Jiangmen Border Defense, Qinzhou Fishery Administration, Guangzhou Fishery Administration, Shantou Customs and other government departments. 
                We provide door-to-door repair or factory repair. With spacious workshop and launching equipment, we can undertake maintenance and repair services for various boats of 80 meters and below. 
                We follow the spirit of "Customer First, Quality First, Professional Science, Efficient Management, and Fast Repair". So far, we have repaired ships over 300 times and won praise from users. In order to strengthen the maintenance guarantee, special vehicles, special tools, special inspection computers and various spare parts are fully equipped. Regular faults can solved within two days.

          Phone/Fax: 86-757-22619921

          Email: srmarine@126.com

          Address: 7817 Factory, Damen, Daliang,Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China

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